Thursday, December 27, 2012


First I should say sorry for lack of posting, but I got a new camera for christmas so hopefully that will help me!!! I hope I take more pictures and post more so we can keep these memories for a long time!!

Now for Christmas!!
We had a wonderful christmas full of family and fun!! I loved our cute little tree this year, Garret was so good to not touch or try to open the presents.

 The saturday before christmas Zach's family on his mom side all got together for a
christmas party, they do this every other year.  It's a fun way to see how everyone
 is doing and how much the little ones have grown!! So these pictures are us just before
leaving for the party

 Every time they have this party my mother in law makes a pinata, it's always something cute and this year it was rudolph!

 My cute little man!!! He started pushing the pinata and then it came back
at him and pushed him down before anyone could get there.
 After that he wanted nothing to do with it!!
 On Christmas eve we watched the snow fall, he loved it soon after this he grabbed his coat
and handed it to me, he wanted to go out in it so Zach being the amazing dad he is went
out for a bit in it.  After that we headed to Grantsville, Zach's dad's family lives down
there and we have made it a tradition to go down there on Christmas eve and eat
lunch with Zach's grandparents.  I have really enjoyed doing this because we
don't get to see them very often.

After grantsville we went and hung out with Zach's family.  It was Hannah's first time in the 
exercauser and she loved it he eyes got all big and she did not know what to do with everything
 around her!!  Garret loves his cousin Hannah, he's always trying to give her hugs and hand her
toys.  It will be fun to watch these two grow up together!!
 After a bath we had to put on Christmas jammies!

On Christmas morning I got Garret out of his crib and sat on the couch to wait for him to
 wake up a little more, once he did he saw his big truck waiting for him and it wasn't long
before he was off my lap and playing with it!!  This was the only toy that wasn't wrapped so
we had to dive in to the wrapping!  He wasn't too sure about it probably because we had told
 him no before but he soon warmed up to it and was having a blast!!
 He really likes Toy Story so we made sure to get him a Woody and a Buzz

 He likes stuffed animals so a Donald and a Mator
 He loves Donald, he has been plenty snuggled already!!
Then we headed back over to Zach's parents to have Christmas morning there 
Getting his bus out 
 Hannah thought it was pretty fun!! She loved the paper, but it was really funny when she realized toys were in it!!  It wasn't getting into her mouth fast enough!! She is so cute and fun to watch grow!!

 This is a Lightening Mcqueen car he can ride on and it makes noises and stuff

 And a horse!! No not a live one but he can sit on it, hopefully it helps him get
ready to be on a real horse which grandpa guy can't wait for that day!! He was
 kind of nervous about it at first but he's warming up to it.
 Then we headed over to my parents for lunch.  It's the last Christmas with everyone for
awhile because Tiffany and her family are headed to North Carolina for school for 2 years
and Michelle and Braden are headed to a school undecided.  Both will be moving out of state
 in July.  For now though here is Garret in his favorite part of any house and his buddy Carter. 
They usually follow eachother every where!! They sure do like playing with eachother!!
My parents got all the boys a fort maker, it's these sticks and balls and you can make
any shape you want.  It was a big hit as soon as they opened them they wanted to build
one and Garret thought it was pretty cool inside!
 Here he is coming out
 With grandpa checking out his camera
 Landen and grandpa reading, this is usually the room you will find Landen in reading to
 anyone that will listen although usually he has the lights off with a flashlight.
We had such a wonderful Christmas and I love celebrating the birth of our savior!! I am so thankful for everything he went through in his life so that I am able to be with our families forever!! I love my family and can't imagine my life without them!!  I am one lucky and very blessed girl!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

4th Of July

I know I'm behind but I'm catching up!! For the 4th Garret woke up just in time for the Farr West parade.  Zach family came to our house to watch it since it goes right in front of our house
 Here's the crew accept Whitney, she is taking the picture.  Laci was such a good sport she was just weeks away from delivering her baby and she didn't complain about the heat!! She's amazing I probably would have locked myself in the house haha
 Garret LOVES riding grandpa's golf cart and grandpa LOVES taking him for rides so here he is in our back yard riding around with grandpa.
 After the Farr West parade which was not much we got Garret dressed and headed over to the North Ogden parade which had a lot more people waiting and a lot more people in it!!
 Then that night my family came out to our house and we met Zach's family at the park behind our house.  Farr West does a big greek dinner that is so good while you wait for the fire works. 
 Here Garret is eating a nice peice of rib that Grandpa Guy gave him and he loved it haha
 Just before the fire works went off we went back to our house because we were going to be able to see the fire works from our back yard.  That way I was able to give our little man a bath and have him ready for bed when they were over.  He has loved fire works this year so it's been fun!!
Garret is finishing the day off with a sucker.... or so he thinks haha I kept the wrapper on... no reason to give him a sugar high at 10 pm!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Park city

 My parents have started a tradition every summer we go to a condo in park city for a few days. 
The condo has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths,  so it's perfect for each family and has been a lot
of fun the past few years!!  My mom had crafts for the kids to do so here is Landen doing his
sun flower and Garret watching

 We went swimming a lot!!! Landen and Carter love to swim... This was Garret's first
go at it and he HATED it!!  Here he is screaming in the pool
 He quickly was out and much happier to just watch
 These boys LOVE their grandpa!!! This was a normal thing all the boys would play
with grandpa's Ipad on his lap
We went on the alpine slide of course... It's a MUST
As you can see by the end our little guy was in the water and now LOVES it!!
 Garret loves playing with his cousin's he followed them everywhere and they are so
good with him!! They always make sure he is envolved and having fun
I love our park city trips and can't wait for next year!!!

What a mess!!

About 4 months ago we started seeing that there was a point in our grass that was WAY green and was starting to grow mushrooms.  Zach knew it was our water main leaking so he dug it up to see what was going on and sure enough there was a big hole and a crack in the pipe.  It was the old kind of pipe so zach figured we would just run a new line, our land lord called a guy to come look at it and he decided it just needed a "band aide" we said okay but knew for sure we would run into another problem down the road by the way the pipe looked..... Well the next morning I was taking a shower and thought that there wasn't a lot of pressure behind the water, but didn't think much of it cause I had to get ready because we were leaving that afternoon for park city with my family.  Then awhile later I could hear what sounded like water still running some where and I walked outside to see our grass was flooded with water and the place we had dug up was a mud whole with water pooring out, I called zach and he sent his dad over to shut it off.  We were using water up and FAST!!! Zach's dad called our land lord and told him we just need to run a new line, after that zach's dad went back to work because we had to wait for zach to get home to decide how we were going to do this with us leaving.
When zach got home he decided he would start digging the trench for the new like so that we could get as much done as we could before we were leaving.  The first jump on the shovel and water started going every where he had hit the line for the secondary water...  It was bad we couldn't find a valve to turn it off!!!
 So now we have two whole of water...
 Thank fully Jeremy zach's brother in law was driving by and stopped when he saw what was going on...  He is awesome and between the two I knew they would figure something out they are both mr fix it!!! They decided the best thing to do would be to kink the pipe until we got someone to shut it off... as you can see water was coming out fast again!!
 Zach got a lot dug up before we had to leave but we have amazing family and zach's dad went back over that night and finished digging the trench for us with a little tractor, it was so nice we were still able to go on our little get away and not worry because we knew Guy would have everything done!!
 This is when we came home the line was ran and we had water again thank fully!!
 Garret liked the tractor!!  He road on it for a bit with his dad
 This is after we had filled it with the dirt.. then we had to put a hose down in the bottom to make it wet so that the dirt would fill in better...
It was quiet the adventure and now hopefully we will have no more problems with water!!